Speech and Language Therapy

Many people access private (sometimes called ‘independent’) Speech and Language Therapy because of the flexibility it can provide or to supplement NHS therapy.

Springboard Speech and Language can provide:

  • Detailed assessment of your child’s speech and language skills and needs.
  • Regular therapy sessions at times to suit you.
  • Liaison and advice for nurseries and schools.
  • The benefit of appointments in a familiar setting for your child (home or school / pre-school).
  • Tailor-made therapy based around your child’s specific needs ensuring that it is motivating for them.
  • Enjoyable activities and games to do at home or school between sessions.

We can help children who:

  • are late to start talking.
  • have unclear speech/are difficult to understand when they are talking.
  • have difficulties with understanding language.
  • have difficulties with specific aspects of language such as recalling words, grammar, learning vocabulary, and retelling stories or events.
  • have started stammering.
  • speak in at least one situation (usually home) but not in other situations (usually school or nursery) (sometimes referred to as 'reluctant speakers' or 'Selective Mutism').

All of our therapists have over 10 years experience and have held specialist posts within the NHS.

Please contact us for further details about what we can offer you and your child.  Prices are £150 for our standard assessment appointment (around 90 minutes at your home or your child's nursery/school, plus a report), and £70 for therapy sessions (up to 60 minutes in your home or your child's nursery/school) plus a small travel supplement (based on the distance from your therapist's base to the location of the session).  We always strive to balance high quality, personalised care with competitive and fair prices.  Every appointment involves the therapist taking time before and after the session to plan and prepare a session tailored specifically to your child's needs and interests.


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