Service Level Agreements with Individual Schools

We have a long history of working in schools where parents fund us directly to provide input to their child within the school setting. School staff have consistently reported how helpful this has been as they are able to see therapy ‘in action’, ask questions, and practice carrying out follow-up activities.

Alongside this we have increasingly been commissioned directly by schools, often using Pupil Premium and / or SEN budgets, to provide enhanced (‘top-up’) Speech and Language Therapy input. Currently we have agreements in place with around a dozen schools in the Portsmouth area who commission regular sessions from a member of our team. This currently varies from one morning per fortnight to one day per week.

Each school chooses to use their time slightly differently but all include some or all of the following:

  • Assessments of individual children
  • Running groups alongside school staff in order to train the staff to run those groups independently in the future
  • Therapy sessions for children whom a programme is not appropriate for
  • Training staff (see below)
  • Consultancy on whole school communication plans and establishing Communication Friendly schools
  • Meeting with parents of children on caseload to share information and give advice for home


“As teachers we are aware that if children are to learn they must be able to understand and then to express their understanding if progress is to be made and sustained. As a school we realised that a significant number of our children had barriers to learning through speech and language and we lacked much of the knowledge to overcome these barriers. We used Springboard Speech and Language for a few children at first and were so impressed by the progress of the children and our staff that their involvement has steadily increased. We find the therapists detailed assessments, weekly sessions with children and staff, and well prepared activities mean that targets are made and quickly achieved and sustained. Springboard also ensure that parents are consulted, well informed and involved, and they have also been delighted by the progress they have seen in their children's language and therefore confidence. Our links with Springboard have also lead to training sessions as well as an invaluable resource for teachers and TA's who can consult them as questions arise. The therapists slot into the school so easily due to the ‘can do’ attitude of the company and their care and consideration for the children, parents and staff they work with.”




In addition to Service Level Agreements we also regularly provide training to schools and nurseries ranging from 1:1 coaching with a member of staff to running whole school INSET day sessions.

We believe the value of training is only seen by the impact it has in ‘real life’ back in school. We therefore work hard to ensure training is relevant, practical, mindful of the needs of the specific school or staff, and that plans for follow up and maintaining momentum are discussed with senior management from school.

We also host training events, such as, hosting ‘Word Aware’ training for speech and language therapists and teachers in the Portsmouth area.

Please contact us to discuss training requirements you may have.


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the training that you delivered on narrative skills yesterday. Angela and I both came away feeling totally inspired to make lots of new things and I am looking forward to being able to make the narrative pack a bit more exciting and personalised for my children with language needs…….It is so refreshing to get practical ways to implement speech therapy from people who know what works and also what struggles teaching assistants face when being asked to deliver programmes in schools.”

Kim, Higher Level Teaching Assistant



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