Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my child has a difficulty?

We would suggest talking to your child's nursery, school or Health Visitor in the first instance.  There are also some helpful websites, such as which gives information on typical ages and stages and has a progress checker tool.

Do trust your instinct and if you are concerned do seek further advice.


Is there NHS Speech and Language Therapy?

Yes, further information on this can be found at 


Can my child have private and NHS therapy at the same time?

Yes.  Many parents choose to supplement their NHS therapy, for example while on a waiting list, or to increase the frequency of sessions.   We will liaise with the NHS therapist to ensure we share assessment results and therapy targets and progress.  Receiving private therapy should not impact on the amount of NHS therapy that your child is able to receive.


My child pre-schooler has just started stammering.  Should I be concerned?

There is some helpful information and advice on the British Stammering Association's website and Action for Stammering Children's website

It is widely recommended that a speech and language therapist's assessment and advice is sought when a young child has been stammering for more than a few weeks and/or is showing awareness or concern about stammering.  Friends and relatives often seek to be reassuring and say 'they'll grow out of it' and we've heard some very funny advice that parents have been given by well meaning friends. However, please do ensure you have got advice specifically related to your child from someone who is knowledgable and experienced in working with children who are stammering.


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